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About Us

AMQ Funding is a private direct funding company dedicated to provide small business owners the capital
to achieve their goals. We are a partner you can count on to implement any project you dream of.
Our mission is to provide small businesses with a wide range of financing products, offering a more efficient way to obtain funds for the materialization of their projects. We look forward to being part of building a sustainable future for your business.

Direct funds available for your business immediately
As a direct funder, we know the challenges that a business owner faces on a daily basis. We have identified the financing needs of most businesses and have concluded that you need a reliable partner who will focus on your growth and enable you to expand based on your current business performance and future projections. For this reason, we have developed several options that can be tailored to your company's current situation and needs.

Qualify for the financing
you need to boost your business.
No intermediaries, no hidden fees!

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